Sushi Loofah Towel

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“Sushi Loofah towel is inspired by the Sushi. The spirit of Sushi represents the art of the food and its purity, just like our brand image (Find a fine day) hope to show, both prove that the practice of life can be simple and flexible. The package design of sushi bathing towel is unique and eye-catching. It’s our first product of re-imagining our daily life. It will take us into our future.”

The individual sushi pieces come in a few different varieties, making it even easier for the consumer to make the sushi association. Each towel is placed in a perfect rectangular box with exact lines and angles, adding to the comical, almost cartoon-like effect of the packaging. The Sushi Loofah Towel isn’t just for kicks, though—each towel is rolled up carefully and there is even a small opening in the packaging to feel the texture before buying it.